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GraffitiMyBlog Wall #24

This next wonderful graffiti wall comes from Janna, whose blog is entitled "One More Raindrop on a Bloggy Ocean". As some GMB Rebels may notice, her graffiti wall is a tad different than the rest and this is due to a little confusion on how to recieve and submit walls to the site. I think I've made it a little easier, and thank's Janna for bringing this to my attention, both by email and her Graffiti post'. Thanks Janna for the determination to get a wall done and submitted (eventhough your adventure may have hit a brick wall or two on the way), and for the nice writeup about the Graffiti walls that she's seen on other's blogs.

One thing that I have really noticed with bloggers, and especially good bloggers, is that not only do they contantly come up with quality posts, but they also contribute to other blogs. Janna says she'd like to be a cartoonist, and regularly contributes a cartoon to Morgen's blog, It's a Blog Eat Blog World. Many of Jann…

GraffitiMyBlog Wall #23

I decided to do something a little different to review Irene's Blog called Pregnant Pauses.
It is one thing to find a great blog by accident by clicking on a comment made in someones blog to see who wrote those kind or witty words to the blogger they visited, but it is another to find someones blog constantly refered to in acutal posts. I've stumbled on many blogs where Irene's Pregnant Pauses has been talked about, or directly linked to because of the post she made on her own blog caught that bloggers attention. So to review Irene's blog, I thought what about doing a simple search on blogger to see what the phrase 'Irene Pregnant Pause' would bring up. And how about five pages of hits to that search, and most are from blogposts that refer to Irenes blog from other blog authors. And here's what just a couple of them had to say:

Laura, from Name that Mushrome wrote:
"What Irene fails to understand is that the outfit does not make Wonder Woman. As tourist …

Around the Globe in eighty clicks with Mimi and Friends

Wow, this has definitely been quite a week. Mimi's Peace Globe is growing rapidly for Nov 7th is approaching quickly. Mimi recently told me in an email that she gets goose bumps when she sees a new globe come her way. So do I! I can't think of anything that I could be happier about helping someone with. After creating the galleries to house my art and the wonderful graffiti walls all you great bloggers created, I couldn't have been happier to create the peace Globe gallery as well. If you've made a Peace Globe and want it placed in the gallery you can use either submit links on this blog (in the Title at the top, or in my side bar), or on my Honk'n'Holl'r blog as well. You can also email your globe to myself or Mimi directly. Mimi and I are confirming each others list of Peace Globes so that we don't miss anyone.

Anyone that is familiar with Mimi's Blog (Blogs!) know that she has the informal title of "Queen of Memes" and she has used her &…

GraffitiMyBlog Wall #22

Exspectata Titan , quod nos mereo letalis es humilis per vestri presentia! (thank Zeus for InterTran!)

As you may have guessed, myself and some blog friends wondered when and how--and if, Prometheus from The Moving (Middle) Finger Writes, would participate in GraffitiMyBlog. And in pure Titan form, participate he did! But what would one expect from the creator of Man, benefactor of humanity, and defier of Zues, but a great wall! Foxxfyrre thanks you, his Mother thanks you, and his Father thanks you. The flames of the Foxx dance in his presence. As Prometheus is giant among bloggers, The Moving (Middle) Finger Writes is--well--Titan. Prometeus has been blogging for over two years, and that's like eons for a blog to exist. When I recieved Prometheus' wall, I wondered how am I possibly going to write a review for this blog. Then idea struck me from A world of Reholio Rhys's Blog, where it states that most bloggers like to read blogs from the bottom. So that's how I approa…

GraffitiMyBlog Wall #21

This next Graffiti Wall is from R.E. Wolf, whose blog is entitled Varience Art. And Wow! This is a blog after my own heart. It has everything that I started out this blog to be, and will eventually succeed at. A good reference source for artists (which I'm going to check out). Many posts that feature favorite artists. Humour, news, and he includes a link to his online gallery, and his subject matter for most of his artwork that I've had time to check out is that of anatomical drawings. I love anatomy, biology, zoology, and to be able to capture it in drawing...well, you'll just have to stop by R.E. Wolf's, Variance Art to enjoy the detail of his artwork. Thanks R.E., I'm really honored to have your wall posted at GraffitiMyBlog.

Click here to enter, R.E.Wolf's Varience Art
Click Wall for larger view

Foxxfyrre's Favorites and Updates from R.E. Wolf's Variance Art
(Stay tuned here for links and updates)

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GraffitiMyBlog Wall #20

This very creative Graffiti wall is from H, whose blog is entitled Shout. H emailed me with her wall and mentioned that she had help to create it from Houseband00, who also submitted a wall previously. She asked me if getting help with it would be a problem. The one thing I have found out since I've started this project is that bloggers have a sence of community and friendship. This is very evident in almost all comment areas that I have read while reviewing the blogs for posting. And I've met quite a few bloggers that I regularly visit and connect with since I started GMB. I'm sure that it is because I'm blogging with purpose instead of randomly hitting blogs and stopping at ones that I thought were good or had something in it I liked. Now that I have blurpose (blogging with purpose--hey, I may have coined a blogism), I have become quite astounded by the quality, the writing, the wit, and the friendship that shows in both the comment sections and sometimes the written…

GraffitiMyBlog Wall #19

This wall is from al-jabr whose blog is entitled Amicable Jackass. al-jabr is an admitted Lakers fan, but according to his intro post, he lists foosball and tennis next on his list. For other sports, he mentions "cricket the sport", but he lists cricket under the category of things that baffle him.

al-jabr also likes painting and drawing, and his blog features much of his art, and comics that he has written, but also features favorite comics and artwork from other artists and friends. His blog is varied in topic, but has a nice rounding of all types of features, such as some videos, some rants, things that he does like, and mentions a curious habbit of shadow boxing with his sister's cat. Thanks for the wall A.J., I hope you had fun doing it. I'll be stopping by lots to feature links to more of your artwork. Stop by al-jabar's blog, Amicable Jackass, and let him know you've seen his wall on GraffitiMyBlog.

Click here to enter al-jabr's, Amicable Jackass

GraffitimyBlog Wall #18

This wall comes in from Laura, whose blogs are entitled "Name that Mushroom" and "Fungi Thinking". On her blog Fungi Thinking, Laura will review your blog, but you have to meet her weekly challenge of naming the mushroom from the photograph that she has posted. Keeping with the theme of mushrooms; pixies and faeries may also appear, and the winner who correctly names the mushroom, earns brownie points, and a review from Laura.
The correct namings and mushroom posts are put on her blog Name that Mushroom. Laura's Fungi Thinking is an enjoyable trip through her Kingom where you can stop and relax, meet her "Pixie Husband", and tour through her wonderful forest Kingdom, and maybe even pick up a new recipe! But put on your thinking caps, the beautiful pictures of fungi she uses to challenge us may just get us hitting the books. So, don't just hide under a toadstool, stop by Laura's Fungi Thinking and earn your place in Name that Mushroom.

Click here…

GraffitiMyBlog Wall #17

Since I started blogging a few months back, and then finding Bestest Blog. Linking, and then going Random Button Bl'urfing. One thing I noticed, especially in the comment sections of other blogs, was a comment--or I should say a simple " :) " smiley from Alex D. that would appear in many comment areas. Sometimes Alex would simply say Cool! to the blog host. That is, unless there was a spammer, flamer, or other comment annoyance, then Alex D. was quick to point that out to the Blog host. And yes, all of the signature comment styles of Alex D. also appeared on both my Blogs, (including pointing out my first spam commenter). Thanks Alex.
I have stopped at Alex's Blog R2K, quite a few times, and have enjoyed every visit. Seeing that it is Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada, it seems appropriate to describe Alex's R2K Blog as a "cornucopia" that overflows with Bloggy treats that would appease even the most voracious Bl'ilgrim, and not one post is a turkey! Un…

GraffitiMyBlog Wall #16

Well, Wow! This wonderful wall is from SilverSabre, whose blog is entitled "A Sketch by Any Other Name". His blog is a vessel for his art, sharing insites and veiws of our world, and communing with friends, and fellow bloggers. He challenges us with quizzes, and shares himself and his likes and dislikes with meme challenges. SilverSabre is insightful, genuine, and sometimes classes himself as a "lazy blogger". Hey now, cut and paste isn't lazy, just efficient ;). Silversabre dedicates this wall to his Blogger friend, Anusha, whom I believe is the true identity of Super Hero Terra Shields (our Previous GMB Rebel Artist). And again, wow! This is truly a very wonderful wall. Thank's SilverSaber for sharing! There's a couple of buildings in town that this would look very good on, really!

So Click here to visit SilverSabre's Blog, A Sketch By Any Other Name
Click on wall for larger view!

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Graffiti-My-Blog: Just Speachless, Wow!

Stayed up a little later than I should have yesturday, for I was reading blogs from new Graffiti walls that I have recieved to make their link posts. I like to go and read all of the blogs that have submitted walls to give readers a little about, or review of the blog to accompany the graffiti wall post. This has been such a fun project for me, I find that I'm even sneaking a little computer time at work, just to see what's next. Last night, I went on at work and checked my email, and Bam
This happened!

And I'm so beside myself I feel like I've recieved
Which leaves me albolutely speachless, so...