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GraffitiMyBlog Wall #22

Exspectata Titan , quod nos mereo letalis es humilis per vestri presentia! (thank Zeus for InterTran!)

As you may have guessed, myself and some blog friends wondered when and how--and if, Prometheus from The Moving (Middle) Finger Writes, would participate in GraffitiMyBlog. And in pure Titan form, participate he did! But what would one expect from the creator of Man, benefactor of humanity, and defier of Zues, but a great wall! Foxxfyrre thanks you, his Mother thanks you, and his Father thanks you. The flames of the Foxx dance in his presence. As Prometheus is giant among bloggers, The Moving (Middle) Finger Writes is--well--Titan. Prometeus has been blogging for over two years, and that's like eons for a blog to exist. When I recieved Prometheus' wall, I wondered how am I possibly going to write a review for this blog. Then idea struck me from A world of Reholio Rhys's Blog, where it states that most bloggers like to read blogs from the bottom. So that's how I approached it, from the bottom. And struck blog review gold from Prometeus,

'I'm not doing this for the hoi polloi. This is my personal work of art and I will do as I please with it'?"

Thank you for the wonderful wall Prometeus, and I'll be returning often to add to Foxxfyrre's Favorites and Updates!

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