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GraffitiMyBlog Wall #23

I decided to do something a little different to review Irene's Blog called Pregnant Pauses.
It is one thing to find a great blog by accident by clicking on a comment made in someones blog to see who wrote those kind or witty words to the blogger they visited, but it is another to find someones blog constantly refered to in acutal posts. I've stumbled on many blogs where Irene's Pregnant Pauses has been talked about, or directly linked to because of the post she made on her own blog caught that bloggers attention. So to review Irene's blog, I thought what about doing a simple search on blogger to see what the phrase 'Irene Pregnant Pause' would bring up. And how about five pages of hits to that search, and most are from blogposts that refer to Irenes blog from other blog authors. And here's what just a couple of them had to say:

Laura, from Name that Mushrome wrote:
"What Irene fails to understand is that the outfit does not make Wonder Woman. As tourist rep, mother, wife and by opening up as to what's in her heart she is Wonder Woman already. Visit Pregnant Pauses. "

Mimi, from Book Meme Central wrote:
"We're here to talk to about Irene and Pregnant Pauses, not Mimi's sudden urge to do extra leg lifts and fly to Brazil. There is a spirit about Irene that transcends oceans, blogwaves and even typhoons. ...

But I think there is more going on between Mimi and Irene for this guy keeps popping up in both of their blogs. And Irene freely admits that "I'm addicted to Reynaldo Gianecchini."

Two women bloggers having a little fun over a young model. Never happen you say? As my mother would say, "Wake uppa you head, he's Italian!" And that's a hard one for me to understand because my mother is Irish?----- Oh, I get it now, that's why my dad's Italian (as Frank, Francesco, gives his head a shake).

But seriously, Irene's blog Pregnant Pauses is a genuine treat to visit, not only in her writing, but through her photography as well. Until visiting Irene's blog, I've always refered to a "Pregnant Pause" as being that uncomfortable long silence on the phone when you had just asked a government representative a simple question.

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