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I've probably been surfing through the Blogshpere a little too much lately, but a few sites have gotten my attention and have spawned what I hope is a fun idea. First, Bobby Griffin's, The Bestest Blog of all Time led me to Spread Your Smile, which I joined by drawing a wonky self portrait. That picture, in turn, became my profile picture for this blog, and got my writing blog, Bestest blog of the Day by entering Bobby's contest for the Spread Your Smile Blog. Still through Bestest Blog, Rhys Postlewaight commented on my blog, and in the Bestest Blog. Bobby had mentioned in Bestest Blog, that Rhys had started A World of Bloggers, which also won Bestest Blog Award. Doing some more Blogging, I found Sho()oMyBlog, which I thought was a fun idea. It is a link exchange blog where you take a humorous, creative photo of your computer with the Sho()tMyBlog page up on the monitor. I left a comment about Sho()otMyBlog, on Rhys's Discoveries in the Blogshpere, where he in turn posted a link to Sho()otMyBlog. From here, Tiny left a comment on my blog and invited a visit to Tiny's Art Gallery. Tiny is a very creative grafitti artist and his site is worth a visit.

One of my goals when I started this blog was to encourage someone (anyone) to draw, but you can't just throw a pencil and paper at a person and say "Draw". I was thinking about this since my last post and felt maybe I've kinda hit a 'brick wall' so to speak. It was a day or two after my last post that I visited Tiny's Art Blog and saw some of the graffiti that he has posted on his site, and my thinking I've hit some sort of brick wall that I went---That's it! I'll just post two brick walls on my blog and invite people to GraffitiMyBlog on the wall of their choice. So now that I have this idea, how will I make it work, and then I thought about some of the creative blogs which I have posted above.

I have downloaded two different styles of brick walls, which can be downloaded from here by saving the images. Load the brick wall up in a paint or photo program and 'graffiti-up' the brick wall. Add anything you choose to the wall, be it your own drawing, or having fun with the font tool to leave a joke or a favorite quote, favorite clip art, or a photo, or even just write a comment on the wall---virutally anything you want to 'graffiti-up' the wall. When you are finished, email your finshed wall to me at and I will post it on this blog crediting you for the 'graffiti-ed-up' wall and place a link to your blog within that post and side bar. I have placed small GRAFFITI-MY-BLOG and my Blog address text on the wall itself, please leave it intact so I know that it originated here.
One last thing: Please do not draw or write anything that can be considered obscene, pornographic, or meant to propagate hatered. Also, please make sure that anything you add to the wall that is not written, photographed, or drawn by you is 'public domain' material.

I would like to credit Rhys Postelwaight from A World of Bloggers for suggesting that anyone wanting to participate could also post their finished graffiti-ed wall on thier blogs and simply email or comment to this post with your blog address when you are finished. I will go to your blog and link and post it here. This has the added impact of spreading the word about GraffitiMyBlog idea, and I get to retrieve the finished wall from your site so I can also post information about your blog. Either way you choose, I will make every effort to visit every participants blog.

If you do choose to email me the finished wall, please save wall in either .jpg or .gif format thanks.

Well, I hope you all have fun with this idea, and I am hoping to see some cool, funny, creative walls come by.

Heck, if this becomes popular in any way, maybe they will add the sound of the ballbearing shaking inside a spraycan of paint when you click on the airbrush/spraycan tool in drawing programs.
Just a thought

Bye for now


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