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GraffitiMyBlog Wall #21

This next Graffiti Wall is from R.E. Wolf, whose blog is entitled Varience Art. And Wow! This is a blog after my own heart. It has everything that I started out this blog to be, and will eventually succeed at. A good reference source for artists (which I'm going to check out). Many posts that feature favorite artists. Humour, news, and he includes a link to his online gallery, and his subject matter for most of his artwork that I've had time to check out is that of anatomical drawings. I love anatomy, biology, zoology, and to be able to capture it in drawing...well, you'll just have to stop by R.E. Wolf's, Variance Art to enjoy the detail of his artwork. Thanks R.E., I'm really honored to have your wall posted at GraffitiMyBlog.

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Anonymous said…
I'll probably be late for work because now I'll never fit my head through the front door! Thank you, Frank!

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