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GraffitiMyBlog Wall #20

This very creative Graffiti wall is from H, whose blog is entitled Shout. H emailed me with her wall and mentioned that she had help to create it from Houseband00, who also submitted a wall previously. She asked me if getting help with it would be a problem. The one thing I have found out since I've started this project is that bloggers have a sence of community and friendship. This is very evident in almost all comment areas that I have read while reviewing the blogs for posting. And I've met quite a few bloggers that I regularly visit and connect with since I started GMB. I'm sure that it is because I'm blogging with purpose instead of randomly hitting blogs and stopping at ones that I thought were good or had something in it I liked. Now that I have blurpose (blogging with purpose--hey, I may have coined a blogism), I have become quite astounded by the quality, the writing, the wit, and the friendship that shows in both the comment sections and sometimes the written posts of the blogs I have read for the GMB posts. H's blog is a perfect example of quality writing and true friendship in posts like Ruby Sunset, and Like Paper, and in comments for these posts. So Please, dont pass up going to H's blog Shout, it is really a good read. Don't forget to mention you saw her Graffiti at GraffitiMyBlog!

Click wall for larger view

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H said…
thanks Frank! Just saw it.
Lizza said…
Fantastic wall! It's so H. :-) Great review, Frank.
Benny said…
Hello! You have a very nice blog!
I want to exchange links with your blog, here is mine:
Let me know if you want to link exchange with me, simply write the comment, and add my blog to your links, and i will add your blog to my link!
Thank You,
Keep up the good work!
Anonymous said…
Wow! That's a tres cool wall. Design is just captivating.

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