Friday, September 29, 2006

GraffitiMyBlog Wall #15

Terra Sheild has a secret, and like most Super Heros a secret identity, and a secret hideout. And if the Super Hero's alter ego blogged, he/she would have a secret backup of her other blog. Terra Sheild's Blog, The Secret Backup Blog, doesn't seem to be that well hidden. We don't need a password, or a secret knock, or membership ring to get in. Maybe that's why Terra says it's only and experimental backup? Hmmm. But a Phone Booth for transportation, Terra really does keep in touch :). All kidding aside, Terra's blog is a treat, and if you click on her Graffiti wall to get a larger view, you can see the depth and breadth of of her Blog. There is everything from her poetry, to rants, from clippets of life, to opinions on current affairs (evethough she admits she doesn't like to read the papers). I always read yesturday's paper, I'm more of a history buff :).
Great Wall Terra, I hope you had fun with it. And just for curiosity sake, your post What are knees for?, have you ever wondered what a chair would look like if our knees bent the other way? Another use for knees, propping up my sketchpad when I'm drawing outside.

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terra shield said...

Hi Frank!

I wholeheartedly enjoyed your description of my blog :)

Plus I'm glad that you liked the wall... cause I haven't done anything artistic for quite some time.

Once again, I must say that this is a great project you're doing!

FoxxFyrre said...

I'm glad you enjoyed doing the wall. When I got this idea of GMB, I was hoping that it would be fun for people. I've been having a great time with it. It's fun to see how creative people can get with this.