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GraffitiMyBlog Wall #14

Another fun wall from Matt-Man's Blog, Bag Wine Ruminations. Wow, todays posting of reviews seems to be following one of my favorite themes, subjects, pastimes, and even a carreer choice, and that is Booze. In my previous review, for Martini's blog, it centered around my favorite coctail choice-The Martini. Now it's time for the more sophisticated palate pleaser--Wine, for now dinner is served. And just as varied; from simple whites reds, blushes, roses, or champagnes; from Chablis, Merlots, Shirazs, Chiantis, and Zinfandels; from traditional French, German and Italian, to Australian, American, and Chilean (and even some good Canadian); whether it's a traditional cork, rubber cork, screw-top, fliptop, bottled, boxed, bagged, or decanted (or God forbid--canned); Matt-man's Bagwine Ruminations offers an open tasting that is sure to please any palate. For his Blog is full bodied, well rounded, with a pleasant bouquet, not too dry or too sweet, and has a pleaseant playful flavor that is the right balance of wit and wisdom, and leaves a pleasant aftertaste, not too smokey or too oakey. Be sure to add Matt-mans's Bagwine Ruminations to your Blog wine cellar for no collection would be complete without it.

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