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Pictionary Round 2

Round two of GMB Pictionary is underway. This round of pics and clues is from Irene of Pregnant Pauses, who won the last round. The rules are the same and last time, just be the first to email all the correct answers to the pictionary pics. You will then become the GMB Rebel artist of the month for January with your wall placed at the top of my blog with direct linking to your blog, and you also get the honor to create the five Pictionary pics and clues for the next round of Pictionary starting January 11/07.

GMB Pictionary II
Hollywood Theme
1. Name the place that is also the name of a movie.

2. Name the person that is also the name of a movie.
3. Name the candy that is also the name of a movie.
4. Name the book that is also the name of a movie.

5. Name the artwork that is also the name of a movie. Good Luck on these ones

Don't forget GMB Bloghunt is still underway. I will keep the contest open until I have a definate winner.
I also have new wall that I will be linking in shortly, so kee…

It's BlogHunt time, and Welcome 9 GMB Rebels

I'm welcoming 10 new graffiti walls (and 9 new GMB Rebels) that have come in over the past few weeks. I have been to everyone's blogs, but I do appologize that I haven't the time to write individual reviews for each blog. I will add specific posts for each new member once work settles down a bit. Each new wall will be added to the gallery, and to my sidebar. I'm also introducing a new game that I will run for the beginning of every month. Namely BlogHunt. But please take a moment and welcome the following GMB Rebels, their links are below each wall.

Please visit Waterboy's Single Man Writing

Visit Sanni at Coffee2go

Visit Laurin at Peanut-Peanutbutterjelly2

Visit Sweet like Kitty

Visit Zeroimpact

Visit Twyla at Lost in the Battle

Visit Jo at The upside Down Castle

Visit Jennifer at Perishables

Visit Slaghammer at Alchemy Anyone

Visit Woozie at The Tome of Communism

Blog Hunt One!

The rules of the game are very simple. I have taken a picture from all the blogs that have pos…

We have a winner!

We have a Winner to GMB Pictionary Round One.
(Click wall to go to pregnant Pauses)
Irene Tauzon from her blog Pregnant Pauses guessed the answers for all five
picures correctly.

Grande Marnier
(Foxxfyrre left the building to get a bottle to celebrate!)

Happy Days

Dog Day Afternoon

or any version from the Diablo Series of games
Diablo I
Diablo Hellfire
Diablo II
Diablo II. Lord of destruction.
Basically as long as Diablo was in the answer.
I thought that Lambourgini Diablo would have been the
trigger clue for people not familiar with the game.

"The Stand" by Stephen King
I thought people might check the my profile for a clue because
it has favorite books listed. That's why I drew this one especially

Well I hope you enjoyed round one. And don't forget not only
is this a contest, it is also a meme. Irene has been tagged by the meme now
and should be busy preparing GMB Pictionary pics
for the contest starting December 10th.

Starting December 1st. The GMB Pictio…

Back at it Big Time!!

First off, I think that I am caught up with all the Globes for the gallery for Mimi's Dona Nobis Pacem effort. Mimi Pencil Skirt is still reporting on the subject as we speak! And I have an excerpt from one of her reporter role models:

Now Mimi is on fire, furiously typing

and typing, and typing and drinking lots of

Actually both of us were burning at least one of these

(No, not books! Couldn't find decent candle pic).
I would like to thank everyone that participated in Dona Nobis Pacem, for the
gallery is wonderful. Mimi is happier than
a P*& in S*&% over the response for the first ever run.
I still have more linking to do, but I will get to it
as fast as I can.
Even though my role was small through the entire project, I found it
unique, heartwarming, humbling...It was all that and more, and I'm already
geared up for next year, but I will have (hopefully) better planning
to handle 'many more' globes.

I know I'll be better prepared than this guy ever was!

To all the G…

Dona Nobis Pacem

This has been the most fullfilling time I've spent in, well, I can't quite remember the last time I got involed in something quite like this. It's been a wonderfull few weeks helping put together the gallery for Mimi. The message is simple yet very clear; the idea is wonderful and easily brought forth; the dream of a peaceful world is beautiful. Can we have it? Well, I'm no philosopher, I'm just a 'hospitality-managing-love-to-have-a-laugh-
that couln't possibly attempt to answer this question. At least an answer with merit and weight that could influence the masses and affect change. But isn't that what has just happened anyway. Isn't it the simple things in life, and the smallest of actions that can change even the most ingrained thoughts and attitudes. One globe today with a simple, yet beautiful inscription leads to---two rifles not shot tomorrow and …

GraffitiMyBlog Wall #24

This next wonderful graffiti wall comes from Janna, whose blog is entitled "One More Raindrop on a Bloggy Ocean". As some GMB Rebels may notice, her graffiti wall is a tad different than the rest and this is due to a little confusion on how to recieve and submit walls to the site. I think I've made it a little easier, and thank's Janna for bringing this to my attention, both by email and her Graffiti post'. Thanks Janna for the determination to get a wall done and submitted (eventhough your adventure may have hit a brick wall or two on the way), and for the nice writeup about the Graffiti walls that she's seen on other's blogs.

One thing that I have really noticed with bloggers, and especially good bloggers, is that not only do they contantly come up with quality posts, but they also contribute to other blogs. Janna says she'd like to be a cartoonist, and regularly contributes a cartoon to Morgen's blog, It's a Blog Eat Blog World. Many of Jann…

GraffitiMyBlog Wall #23

I decided to do something a little different to review Irene's Blog called Pregnant Pauses.
It is one thing to find a great blog by accident by clicking on a comment made in someones blog to see who wrote those kind or witty words to the blogger they visited, but it is another to find someones blog constantly refered to in acutal posts. I've stumbled on many blogs where Irene's Pregnant Pauses has been talked about, or directly linked to because of the post she made on her own blog caught that bloggers attention. So to review Irene's blog, I thought what about doing a simple search on blogger to see what the phrase 'Irene Pregnant Pause' would bring up. And how about five pages of hits to that search, and most are from blogposts that refer to Irenes blog from other blog authors. And here's what just a couple of them had to say:

Laura, from Name that Mushrome wrote:
"What Irene fails to understand is that the outfit does not make Wonder Woman. As tourist …