Monday, December 11, 2006

Pictionary Round 2

Round two of GMB Pictionary is underway. This round of pics and clues is from Irene of Pregnant Pauses, who won the last round. The rules are the same and last time, just be the first to email all the correct answers to the pictionary pics. You will then become the GMB Rebel artist of the month for January with your wall placed at the top of my blog with direct linking to your blog, and you also get the honor to create the five Pictionary pics and clues for the next round of Pictionary starting January 11/07.

GMB Pictionary II
Hollywood Theme
1. Name the place that is also the name of a movie.

2. Name the person that is also the name of a movie.

3. Name the candy that is also the name of a movie.

4. Name the book that is also the name of a movie.

5. Name the artwork that is also the name of a movie.
Good Luck on these ones

Don't forget GMB Bloghunt is still underway. I will keep the contest open until I have a definate winner.
I also have new wall that I will be linking in shortly, so keep posted

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's BlogHunt time, and Welcome 9 GMB Rebels

I'm welcoming 10 new graffiti walls (and 9 new GMB Rebels) that have come in over the past few weeks. I have been to everyone's blogs, but I do appologize that I haven't the time to write individual reviews for each blog. I will add specific posts for each new member once work settles down a bit. Each new wall will be added to the gallery, and to my sidebar. I'm also introducing a new game that I will run for the beginning of every month. Namely BlogHunt. But please take a moment and welcome the following GMB Rebels, their links are below each wall.

Blog Hunt One!

The rules of the game are very simple. I have taken a picture from all the blogs that have posted pictures on their blogs. I have made a collage from all of the pictures. Your mission is to identify which blogs that the pictures come from by naming the blog title (or URL) and the specific post title that the picture was posted in. Making the collage and collecting all pictures has taken me about a week to accomplish (mainly because I didn't want to make mistakes), so at the time I collected the pictures they all appeared prior to being archived off the main blog page. And all pictures were from the five most current postings. All of the pictures are from GMB Rebels on my sidebar, and new Rebels within this post. I did not put any extra links or take any pictures from other blogs.

When you have got all Blog titles and the Post's title that the pictures were posted in email me your list. I will leave the contest running until all pictures and their posts have been identified. I will also add some cheats (shortcuts) to the game as time goes on that I will add to this post. As a little incentive, I am going to put up one of my original drawings as a prize for the first blogger to complete the Bloghunt. So have fun BlogHunting!!!

(You may want to save picture on your computer to get a much larger view for the game.)

Have fun blog hunting! Also, I promised an original drawing as a prize, and this is the one I chose

Moonlit Shower
Pencil on Paper
I will ship it mounted in a plain glass frame
Date and signed

Thanks everyone and have fun!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

We have a winner!

We have a Winner to GMB Pictionary Round One.
(Click wall to go to pregnant Pauses)
Irene Tauzon from her blog Pregnant Pauses guessed the answers for all five
picures correctly.

Grande Marnier
(Foxxfyrre left the building to get a bottle to celebrate!)

Happy Days

Dog Day Afternoon

or any version from the Diablo Series of games
Diablo I
Diablo Hellfire
Diablo II
Diablo II. Lord of destruction.
Basically as long as Diablo was in the answer.
I thought that Lambourgini Diablo would have been the
trigger clue for people not familiar with the game.

"The Stand" by Stephen King
I thought people might check the my profile for a clue because
it has favorite books listed. That's why I drew this one especially

Well I hope you enjoyed round one. And don't forget not only
is this a contest, it is also a meme. Irene has been tagged by the meme now
and should be busy preparing GMB Pictionary pics
for the contest starting December 10th.

Starting December 1st. The GMB Pictionary winner
(Irene for the month of December)
will have their wall featured at the top of my sidebar
as GMB Rebel Artist of the Month
that links directly to their blog.

Thanks for Playing!
Can't wait to see Irene's Pictionary Entries

Friday, November 10, 2006

Back at it Big Time!!

First off, I think that I am caught up with all the Globes for the gallery for Mimi's Dona Nobis Pacem effort. Mimi Pencil Skirt is still reporting on the subject as we speak! And I have an excerpt from one of her reporter role models:

Now Mimi is on fire, furiously typing

and typing, and typing and drinking lots of

Actually both of us were burning at least one of these

(No, not books! Couldn't find decent candle pic).
I would like to thank everyone that participated in Dona Nobis Pacem, for the
gallery is wonderful. Mimi is happier than
a P*& in S*&% over the response for the first ever run.
I still have more linking to do, but I will get to it
as fast as I can.
Even though my role was small through the entire project, I found it
unique, heartwarming, humbling...It was all that and more, and I'm already
geared up for next year, but I will have (hopefully) better planning
to handle 'many more' globes.

I know I'll be better prepared than this guy ever was!

To all the GMB Rebels that have handed in a wall, I have gone to all
your blogs and will get all your posts up as fast as I can, between work obligations and
wanting to help with Dona Nobis Pacem, I had to put posting for GMB aside for a while. But I'm back at it and will have them up shortly.

Now for a little fun!
I'm sure that most of you are familiar with the game Pictionary
And because this is my art blog.
I've made five pictures that I'm challenging all current
GMB Rebels to compete against each other. Just identify the pictures correctly
and email me back the answers. Learning some tricks from Mimi Queen of Memes,
This is how the game will work.
1. Be the first GMB rebel artist to identify all five pictures and email
me the answers
2. The first one to identify all pictures will have their wall posted at the top
of my side bar as GMB Rebel of the Month that will
link to their blog.
3.The winning GMB artist will then create 5 more pics for me to post.
4. I will post the GMB winner's new pics a week before the end of the month to start
a new round of GMB Pictionary.
5. The winner of that round will create 5 more pics that I will post a week before the next month.
and so on and so on.
The winner of the round, please email me your Pictionary pics by the 10th of the month, along with the answers by the 10th in a separate email, cuz I wanna play too.

Deadline for correct answers emailed to me will be the 29th of every month.
Anyone can play, but please don't leave answers in comments. I'll have to consider that kind of cheating, but hints (very vague hints) are Okay. Also, I'm not looking for ART, and difficult drawings for the game. Feel free to use clip-art, draw free hand or on computer, but the key to Pictionary is simple is best. Being too artistic can complicate the game.
After a round is over I will place that person's Pictionay pics in their GMB post with the correct answers.
Have fun. I will change the gmb link from week to month, after a winner is declared
for this month.

GMB Pictionary
1. (Foxxfyrre's favorite, and will appreciate donations of such kind)

Clue 1. Suzette just wouldn't be the same without it.

2. Name that old sitcom

Clue 1. Leather wearer in sitcom once dated Lavern.
Clue 2. Inspired by a George Lucas Movie

3. Name this movie title

Clue 1. Lead actor also starred in Devil's Advocate, and Heat
Clue 2. About a bank robbery gone wrong

4.Name that computer game

Clue 1. Blizzard did it, so hell must have froze over.
Clue 2. The car's not in the game, but it names the game

5. Name that book. Starts with The in the title

Clue 1. Author usually places settings of his many books in New England.
Clue 2. It's all Captain Tripp's fault.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dona Nobis Pacem

This has been the most fullfilling time I've spent in, well, I can't quite remember the last time I got involed in something quite like this. It's been a wonderfull few weeks helping put together the gallery for Mimi. The message is simple yet very clear; the idea is wonderful and easily brought forth; the dream of a peaceful world is beautiful. Can we have it? Well, I'm no philosopher, I'm just a 'hospitality-managing-love-to-have-a-laugh-
that couln't possibly attempt to answer this question. At least an answer with merit and weight that could influence the masses and affect change. But isn't that what has just happened anyway. Isn't it the simple things in life, and the smallest of actions that can change even the most ingrained thoughts and attitudes. One globe today with a simple, yet beautiful inscription leads to---two rifles not shot tomorrow and leads to--three land mines not buried next week and leads to-- four tanks not deployed and leads to-- five helicopters grounded... One Globe graffic with a beautiful inscription can do this, for it has momentum. It is a self-propagating-computer-generated messenger that has a single voice driven by many, started by one.
But like everything in life, there is a cost. A cost of self examination, as a person, as a son/daughter, as a husband/wife, as a father/mother, as community member, as race, as a genus, as a species. Why? Because we need to stop assuming that a peaceful world is 'for' us. And if peace can be achieved, imagine a world in which we can better ourselves, a world made peaceful by us, but still not 'for' us. No, a peacful world is not 'for' us, nor was it 'for' our parents, or 'for' their parents either. Our obligation and responsibility to strive for a peacfull world, and of those that preceded us, is driven by us 'for' those yet to come.

A peaceful world for this child
Did we strive for peace hard enough?

Or for this Child,
Can we him teach peace now?

But with my experiences this past couple of weeks,
with Mimi
Dona Nobis Pacem
I know I'll have to do more than

For I know that there's a Heaven
It's not easy to, but I'll Try
There's Hell all around us
And yes up there, there is sky
Imagine all these people, Living through the day

There's still borders up in countries
Bringing borders down is hard to do
Everything is to kill or die for
And yes, religion's in it fighting too

Imagine all the people
Living life in peace
To wake this dream in all the people
Pay it forward, in children Teach

Yes, Mimi and I are Dreamers
We know now we're not alone
Beautiful Globes are spinning 'round us
Let us bring this message Home

For a Story that I've dedicated to Dona Nobis Pacem
Please click here

Monday, October 23, 2006

GraffitiMyBlog Wall #24

This next wonderful graffiti wall comes from Janna, whose blog is entitled "One More Raindrop on a Bloggy Ocean". As some GMB Rebels may notice, her graffiti wall is a tad different than the rest and this is due to a little confusion on how to recieve and submit walls to the site. I think I've made it a little easier, and thank's Janna for bringing this to my attention, both by email and her Graffiti post'. Thanks Janna for the determination to get a wall done and submitted (eventhough your adventure may have hit a brick wall or two on the way), and for the nice writeup about the Graffiti walls that she's seen on other's blogs.

One thing that I have really noticed with bloggers, and especially good bloggers, is that not only do they contantly come up with quality posts, but they also contribute to other blogs. Janna says she'd like to be a cartoonist, and regularly contributes a cartoon to Morgen's blog, It's a Blog Eat Blog World. Many of Janna's humourous photo manipulations are gems that she contrubutes to Matt-man at Bagwine Riminations (right photo) and to Morgen, who is recieving many photo manips for his Halloween countdown.
And it is this type of quality blogging, combined with contributing to other bloggers that does get noticed by the one and only Bobby Griffin from Bestest Blog.

After winning the coveted award, Janna's modesty comes shining though with the following acceptance cartoon:

Janna is also in love with cats, and that one thing we both share, and what's even stranger is that our cats do look alike. Janna's cats Bryn, and Honey (left photo). One of my two loonie brats, Taco (He will never be upstaged, below). Bootz, my older "sweet-heart with attitude" refused to be hounded by the GMB poparazzi.

Thanks Janna for the visit to One More Raindrop on a Bloggy Ocean, but my only concern Janna is how can onions be evil, and you still like pizza and salsa?
I guess it's kind of like the duality arguement I go through due to my Irish-Italian lineage, I mean I'm always at odds with myself at dinner time on whether it should be wine, or beer.
"Mmmm, beer," said Foxxfyrre aloud.
"Shudd uppa youself, were'a havin dah vino, and dhatsa dhat!" said Foxxfyrre to Foxxfyrre, again aloud.
I think I understand now, Janna.

So, Please visit Janna'a Blog, One more Raindrop on a Bloggy Ocean, and say youve seen her wall at GraffitiMyBlog!

Foxxfyrre's Favorites and Updates from Janna's One More Raindrop on a Bloggy Ocean

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GraffitiMyBlog Wall #23

I decided to do something a little different to review Irene's Blog called Pregnant Pauses.
It is one thing to find a great blog by accident by clicking on a comment made in someones blog to see who wrote those kind or witty words to the blogger they visited, but it is another to find someones blog constantly refered to in acutal posts. I've stumbled on many blogs where Irene's Pregnant Pauses has been talked about, or directly linked to because of the post she made on her own blog caught that bloggers attention. So to review Irene's blog, I thought what about doing a simple search on blogger to see what the phrase 'Irene Pregnant Pause' would bring up. And how about five pages of hits to that search, and most are from blogposts that refer to Irenes blog from other blog authors. And here's what just a couple of them had to say:

Laura, from Name that Mushrome wrote:
"What Irene fails to understand is that the outfit does not make Wonder Woman. As tourist rep, mother, wife and by opening up as to what's in her heart she is Wonder Woman already. Visit Pregnant Pauses. "

Mimi, from Book Meme Central wrote:
"We're here to talk to about Irene and Pregnant Pauses, not Mimi's sudden urge to do extra leg lifts and fly to Brazil. There is a spirit about Irene that transcends oceans, blogwaves and even typhoons. ...

But I think there is more going on between Mimi and Irene for this guy keeps popping up in both of their blogs. And Irene freely admits that "I'm addicted to Reynaldo Gianecchini."

Two women bloggers having a little fun over a young model. Never happen you say? As my mother would say, "Wake uppa you head, he's Italian!" And that's a hard one for me to understand because my mother is Irish?----- Oh, I get it now, that's why my dad's Italian (as Frank, Francesco, gives his head a shake).

But seriously, Irene's blog Pregnant Pauses is a genuine treat to visit, not only in her writing, but through her photography as well. Until visiting Irene's blog, I've always refered to a "Pregnant Pause" as being that uncomfortable long silence on the phone when you had just asked a government representative a simple question.

Click here to enter, Irene's Pregnant Pauses
Click Wall for larger view

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