Tuesday, September 26, 2006

GraffitiMyBlog Wall #11

If you like blogging; reading good blogs; being treated to "Herbal scented soap inspired eye candy" (a few of which, I've selected as drawing projects for this site); and, if that's not enough, themed posts including Morgen Monday's (Morgan features a Blog for Bobby Griffin's Bestest Blog of All Time every Monday), Tuesday twelve, and Seven Silly Questions; then stopping by Morgen's It's a Blog Eat Blog World will definitely put that itchy-left-mouse-button-trigger-finger pointing at Blogger's Next Button on hold. The 'why' Morgen blogs is best expressed by Morgen himself in an answer to a meme;

"I just try to reward my readers with regular (hopefully readable) posts, and I toss 'em an Herbal Stud once a week to say thanks for the visit!"

So, stop by Morgen's Blog, It's a Blog eat Blog World, and give that 'trigger finger' a well deserved rest!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Frank. Great review! I appreciate it.
Your graffiti wall project was fun!
cheers ~ morgen

Reeholio said...

Wow, this is really taking off now Frank. Excellent! I'm glad to have been in on the ground floor of this. Thanks again for approaching me about it.

FoxxFyrre said...

I'm glad you had fun with the graffiti. I've been having a great time with it--can't wait to open my email every morning to see what's there.

Rhys, I'm really glad you where there too. I think I'd be still staring at the original posting of the idea. Now, it's even starting to stir some interest with local business, and some of the businesses are even willing to become paying sponsors for advertizing graffic links to their business web sites. If this does happen, A World of Bloggers will become a "lifetime" sponsor as my way of saying thanks