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GraffitiMyBlog: Wall #5

This next wall is from Julie's blog: Flip this Body. I first read Julie's blog by using the Random feature on Bobby Griffin's The Bestest Blog of All Time, and have stopped by quite frequently to check on her progress. She is now a regular contributer to Bestest blog as well, featuring blogs of her choice every Friday. Earlier, I approached Julie by email for some input and advice for my Graffit-My-Blog idea because she is quite blog-savvy, and she was very quick to respond, and even submitted her own wall. And pointed out some mistakes---Fixed em! (Mees huntt-n-peckk typpin getz me in trouuble sumtymes).

Julie's Flip this Body, is very entertaining, very informative, and is establishing quite the support group for people with like goals. Every time I stop by, her ticker tape at the very top of her blog has moved farther to the right, and I think through her determination, it wont be long till it's all the way to the right (and much sooner than the time frame Julie gave herself).
You'll see when you enter,

Click wall for larger view

Great Wall Julie, Thanks!!
If you do go to Flip This Body from here, let her know you seen her wall at FoxxFyrre's Graffiti-My-Blog

Foxxfyrre's Favorites and Updates from Flip This Body

Meme Tuesdays: A new regular feature, just for the fun of it.
NSV Thursdays: A regular feature where Julie will route for your victories as well.
Ziploc Omelettes: Looks good, and I've gotta try it!

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