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Updating as I go

I'm currently going through this blog and updating some old posts. The pictures in this post were originally posted July 27, 2006, but everything else is an update.

When I first started drawing, after I filled a couple of sketchbooks, I wanted to save some of my art on computer so I wouldn't destroy or lose it. I decided this after a drawing session in a coffee shop and I spilled coffee on what I was drawing. It wasn't a disaster, for it was just a little bit of coffee and didn't soak through the sketchbook. But it was enough to start scanning and saving my art on the computer.

Shortly after, I was surfing around for a better software program to work with my scans and I found Picassa. I loaded everything into Picassa that I had scanned. I really liked Picassa, but I kept noticing a large letter B with Blog This beside it. My first thought was BLOG YOU! It was early 2005, so I wasn't up on what a blog really was, but curiosity got me and finally, in May of 2006 I &q…

Figure Study

Figure Study In Pencil I drew this a few years ago, around 2002. It is pencil on paper and 11 by 16 inches. If I remember correctly, it was drawn from a picture that was in American Artist Magazine. I don't remember the artist that drew the original. 
I was working through the exercises of Burne Hogarth's book "Dynamic Figure Drawing" at the time when I found this picture and just had to give it a try. 
Figure Drawing is my favourite style of drawing to do. I find that when I am drawing the figure, time just disappears. There is nothing more pleasing than to finish a figure drawing and having it actually resemble something human. It wasn't that long ago when I thought it would be an impossible task.

If you are interested in learning to draw, check out my Art Resources page for links to online resources, or texts that I used while learning, such as Burne Hogarth's Dynamic Figure Drawing  which is available on Amazon.