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Read It 'n' Sketch It, Round 2

I have mentioned quite often on my art blog that an artist friend got me started in drawing. One of the methods he used was a creativity exercise where he would write four words at random on my sketch pad. The object of this was that I would merge three of the words into a drawing, and the fourth word would represent an action of the drawing, or the setting. The words did not have to be drawn literally, but should at least be recognizable in part as that item.

Here's an example

The key words were

bull dozer, pear, chessboard, and the action key word was eat

This was my result

Another example

The key words were

Rabbit ears, VCR, Cheese whiz, calculator

Well, as you can see the pictures do end up very quirky, but they are fun to do. They do force you to think 'outside the box'.

I'm really not expecting works of art by any means (did you see the above pictures?), but I would like to share what I got from doing these exercises, and that is simply 'FUN', with a capitol eph, …