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Decaring Winners, Cuz I can.

I've let this contest go a little too long, but I've also been very busy with work and have not had too much time to blog. This year so far has been brutal. Along with the winter that just won't quit. Blizzard again this weekend, and it's March. So, back to the contest. I've decided that I would award two of the best blog friends I have--blog friends that have supported my art, and have even read my Honk'n'Holl'r blog, probably to their dismay. Namely Mimi Lennox, and Gale Martin. Earlier in January, Mimi posted a new picture of herself that was photo manipulated. The photomanipulation that she used is also a tecnique that I use to draw from photographs. Seeing that picture, I just had to draw the Real Mimi as I see her. But I didn't stop there, Mimi also posted a shout for my contest that included the picture, Midnight Swim. I am sending both to Mimi. Gale has also been one of my best supporters and a True blog Friend, and I have decided to send her the picture After Bath Reflections. Just let me know how Gale.
I don't know how much time I will have to draw as of late, so I'll have to put this blog on hold till I can get more content ready. It's been a real pleasure. I'm still doing Grafiti-my-Blog if you want to have fun and test your own art skills. And I'm also a supporter of Dona Nobis Pacem. I just hope I have more stuff drawn before June 6th.
Mimi, thanks for your patience. It took me too long to get this post ready.

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