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Some new Scans, and some of my Daughters art

Some new scans of drawings and sketches that I've done mostly over the holidays. And a little creative exercise

1. Unnamed figure drawing one, pencil on paper, 8x10

2. Unnamed abstract , ink on paper, 8x10
I really let my mind wander on this one, but I liked the final result.

3. Unnamed Drawing, Pencil on paper, 8.5x11

4. Unnamed figure study, Pencil on paper, 8x10

5. Unnamed portrait study, pencil on paper, 8.10

I have not had a winner for the Blog Hun contest, or for this round of pictionary. For BlogHunt, I had one of my original drawings up for grabs, but I think the holiday season was the wrong timing for a time consuming contest. I'm closing both contests. But not all is lost. You might notice that all of the above drawings are Unnamed. That is intentional. Just name the above drawings (numbered 1 through 5) and email me your responces. I will select two winners that have named the drawings with what I consider the best names overall. From those two 'best namers' I will…