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It's BlogHunt time, and Welcome 9 GMB Rebels

I'm welcoming 10 new graffiti walls (and 9 new GMB Rebels) that have come in over the past few weeks. I have been to everyone's blogs, but I do appologize that I haven't the time to write individual reviews for each blog. I will add specific posts for each new member once work settles down a bit. Each new wall will be added to the gallery, and to my sidebar. I'm also introducing a new game that I will run for the beginning of every month. Namely BlogHunt. But please take a moment and welcome the following GMB Rebels, their links are below each wall.

Blog Hunt One!

The rules of the game are very simple. I have taken a picture from all the blogs that have posted pictures on their blogs. I have made a collage from all of the pictures. Your mission is to identify which blogs that the pictures come from by naming the blog title (or URL) and the specific post title that the picture was posted in. Making the collage and collecting all pictures has taken me about a week to accomplish (mainly because I didn't want to make mistakes), so at the time I collected the pictures they all appeared prior to being archived off the main blog page. And all pictures were from the five most current postings. All of the pictures are from GMB Rebels on my sidebar, and new Rebels within this post. I did not put any extra links or take any pictures from other blogs.

When you have got all Blog titles and the Post's title that the pictures were posted in email me your list. I will leave the contest running until all pictures and their posts have been identified. I will also add some cheats (shortcuts) to the game as time goes on that I will add to this post. As a little incentive, I am going to put up one of my original drawings as a prize for the first blogger to complete the Bloghunt. So have fun BlogHunting!!!

(You may want to save picture on your computer to get a much larger view for the game.)

Have fun blog hunting! Also, I promised an original drawing as a prize, and this is the one I chose

Moonlit Shower
Pencil on Paper
I will ship it mounted in a plain glass frame
Date and signed

Thanks everyone and have fun!

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