Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dona Nobis Pacem

This has been the most fullfilling time I've spent in, well, I can't quite remember the last time I got involed in something quite like this. It's been a wonderfull few weeks helping put together the gallery for Mimi. The message is simple yet very clear; the idea is wonderful and easily brought forth; the dream of a peaceful world is beautiful. Can we have it? Well, I'm no philosopher, I'm just a 'hospitality-managing-love-to-have-a-laugh-
that couln't possibly attempt to answer this question. At least an answer with merit and weight that could influence the masses and affect change. But isn't that what has just happened anyway. Isn't it the simple things in life, and the smallest of actions that can change even the most ingrained thoughts and attitudes. One globe today with a simple, yet beautiful inscription leads to---two rifles not shot tomorrow and leads to--three land mines not buried next week and leads to-- four tanks not deployed and leads to-- five helicopters grounded... One Globe graffic with a beautiful inscription can do this, for it has momentum. It is a self-propagating-computer-generated messenger that has a single voice driven by many, started by one.
But like everything in life, there is a cost. A cost of self examination, as a person, as a son/daughter, as a husband/wife, as a father/mother, as community member, as race, as a genus, as a species. Why? Because we need to stop assuming that a peaceful world is 'for' us. And if peace can be achieved, imagine a world in which we can better ourselves, a world made peaceful by us, but still not 'for' us. No, a peacful world is not 'for' us, nor was it 'for' our parents, or 'for' their parents either. Our obligation and responsibility to strive for a peacfull world, and of those that preceded us, is driven by us 'for' those yet to come.

A peaceful world for this child
Did we strive for peace hard enough?

Or for this Child,
Can we him teach peace now?

But with my experiences this past couple of weeks,
with Mimi
Dona Nobis Pacem
I know I'll have to do more than

For I know that there's a Heaven
It's not easy to, but I'll Try
There's Hell all around us
And yes up there, there is sky
Imagine all these people, Living through the day

There's still borders up in countries
Bringing borders down is hard to do
Everything is to kill or die for
And yes, religion's in it fighting too

Imagine all the people
Living life in peace
To wake this dream in all the people
Pay it forward, in children Teach

Yes, Mimi and I are Dreamers
We know now we're not alone
Beautiful Globes are spinning 'round us
Let us bring this message Home

For a Story that I've dedicated to Dona Nobis Pacem
Please click here


Anonymous said...

You did a wonder job with the project. Mimi was lucky to have you helping her. I wish you Peace.

Sanni said...

Dear Frank!

Great post... wonderful idea to embed the ultrasound pic. I´ve done a Peace Globe for my 6 month old son Luis Franklin as well.(Again) I have to say, I am amazed by your work.
Wishing PEACE for you and the ones you love from Germany...


Reeholio said...

Hi Frank,

Wishing you peace today.

Your friend, Rhys

andrena said...

Beautiful..Peace be with you always...came via Mimi's Peace Globe...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your huge contribution to the Peace Globe Movement! Peace and joy to you and your loved ones always! c",)