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GraffitiMyBlog Wall #24

This next wonderful graffiti wall comes from Janna, whose blog is entitled "One More Raindrop on a Bloggy Ocean". As some GMB Rebels may notice, her graffiti wall is a tad different than the rest and this is due to a little confusion on how to recieve and submit walls to the site. I think I've made it a little easier, and thank's Janna for bringing this to my attention, both by email and her Graffiti post'. Thanks Janna for the determination to get a wall done and submitted (eventhough your adventure may have hit a brick wall or two on the way), and for the nice writeup about the Graffiti walls that she's seen on other's blogs.

One thing that I have really noticed with bloggers, and especially good bloggers, is that not only do they contantly come up with quality posts, but they also contribute to other blogs. Janna says she'd like to be a cartoonist, and regularly contributes a cartoon to Morgen's blog, It's a Blog Eat Blog World. Many of Janna's humourous photo manipulations are gems that she contrubutes to Matt-man at Bagwine Riminations (right photo) and to Morgen, who is recieving many photo manips for his Halloween countdown.
And it is this type of quality blogging, combined with contributing to other bloggers that does get noticed by the one and only Bobby Griffin from Bestest Blog.

After winning the coveted award, Janna's modesty comes shining though with the following acceptance cartoon:

Janna is also in love with cats, and that one thing we both share, and what's even stranger is that our cats do look alike. Janna's cats Bryn, and Honey (left photo). One of my two loonie brats, Taco (He will never be upstaged, below). Bootz, my older "sweet-heart with attitude" refused to be hounded by the GMB poparazzi.

Thanks Janna for the visit to One More Raindrop on a Bloggy Ocean, but my only concern Janna is how can onions be evil, and you still like pizza and salsa?
I guess it's kind of like the duality arguement I go through due to my Irish-Italian lineage, I mean I'm always at odds with myself at dinner time on whether it should be wine, or beer.
"Mmmm, beer," said Foxxfyrre aloud.
"Shudd uppa youself, were'a havin dah vino, and dhatsa dhat!" said Foxxfyrre to Foxxfyrre, again aloud.
I think I understand now, Janna.

So, Please visit Janna'a Blog, One more Raindrop on a Bloggy Ocean, and say youve seen her wall at GraffitiMyBlog!

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