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Update info: I had a Brain-Fart

I just wanted to mention a couple of things:

First, I started this blog with the intention of scanning all my sketchbooks to save them from damage. One of my first books was partially damaged because of my clumsiness--I spilled coffee on it. Also, putting my drawings out for everyone to see would encourage criticism and critiques of my art, which in turn would improve my drawing.

I've mentioned in previous posts, that drawing (and getting a late start with it) has changed many things in my life--All for the better! With this in mind, I set out this blog with the intention of collecting as many resources from the net that I could (and will keep collecting more) that would help anyone who wants to learn to draw.

With these two goals in mind, and some very fortunate 'blurfing', Graffiti-My-Blog was born. And it is my way of reaching the latter goal for this blog. But late last night, I realized that I forgot to mention one thing in the GraffitMyBlog Post. When I selected the walls that I wanted to use for this project, I specifically chose desktop backgrounds. When I was working through the idea for G-M-B, I didn't want just a link exchange program. I wanted something people would find fun and interract with, and participants would have something that they created themselves. Possibly even treasure. I knew right from the onset of this project that everyone submitting graffiti-ed walls is creating a piece of art. Their own art.

(In a guilt-free, non-destructive, rebel with a 'virtual' spray can kind of way---who could resist that temptation!!)

Being overly excited about posting the idea finally, I had a brain-fart, and forgot to mention that the walls were desktop backgrounds of 800x600 32bit hi-res graffics. I have larger pixel sizes of these graphics as well, but decided to go midrange to accomodate more computer users. So not only can you Graffiti-My-Blog to link exchange and help me reach above goals, but you can easily turn your graffiti, your art, into your desktop background. Sorry, when I do get excited about an idea, I go full boar, and brain-farts do happen (not often though, really!).


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