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GraffitiMyBlog Wall #15

Terra Sheild has a secret, and like most Super Heros a secret identity, and a secret hideout. And if the Super Hero's alter ego blogged, he/she would have a secret backup of her other blog. Terra Sheild's Blog, The Secret Backup Blog, doesn't seem to be that well hidden. We don't need a password, or a secret knock, or membership ring to get in. Maybe that's why Terra says it's only and experimental backup? Hmmm. But a Phone Booth for transportation, Terra really does keep in touch :). All kidding aside, Terra's blog is a treat, and if you click on her Graffiti wall to get a larger view, you can see the depth and breadth of of her Blog. There is everything from her poetry, to rants, from clippets of life, to opinions on current affairs (evethough she admits she doesn't like to read the papers). I always read yesturday's paper, I'm more of a history buff :).
Great Wall Terra, I hope you had fun with it. And just for curiosity sake, your post What …

GraffitiMyBlog Wall #14

Another fun wall from Matt-Man's Blog, Bag Wine Ruminations. Wow, todays posting of reviews seems to be following one of my favorite themes, subjects, pastimes, and even a carreer choice, and that is Booze. In my previous review, for Martini's blog, it centered around my favorite coctail choice-The Martini. Now it's time for the more sophisticated palate pleaser--Wine, for now dinner is served. And just as varied; from simple whites reds, blushes, roses, or champagnes; from Chablis, Merlots, Shirazs, Chiantis, and Zinfandels; from traditional French, German and Italian, to Australian, American, and Chilean (and even some good Canadian); whether it's a traditional cork, rubber cork, screw-top, fliptop, bottled, boxed, bagged, or decanted (or God forbid--canned); Matt-man's Bagwine Ruminations offers an open tasting that is sure to please any palate. For his Blog is full bodied, well rounded, with a pleasant bouquet, not too dry or too sweet, and has a pleaseant…

GraffitiMyBlog Wall #13

This fun wall is from Martini's Blog, Shaken, Not Stirred. And finally, I can talk about my personal favorite subject booze! Not just any booze, Martinis hic (excuse me). Whether it's sweet, dry, extra dry, gin or vodka, garnished with olive or onion or twist (I like a sour pickle), they are my favorites to make, and to imbibe hic ('scuzzy me again). But the classic-tinis are the best. Getting tired of some newbie bartenders throwing anything in a coctail shaker, straining it, and calling it a (blank)-tini. Just had one recently the bartender called a Fuggy Bugger-tini, which consisted of Southern Comfort, Lime juice and Grenedine. He built it, shook it, Tom Cruise flaired it, and strained it into a Martini glass. I told him the real name of the classic cocktail, and politely told him to read a Bartender's Guide or else go get a day job. But wait, I'm ranting. This is not what Martini's blog is about, but rather it is a mix (excuse the pun) of everything from…

GraffitiMyBlog Wall #12

This next Graffiti wall is from houseband00, whose blog is entitled My Life with D (The Houseband Chronicles). Houseband00's blog is the most personal of the personal blogs that I have reviewed for Graffiti-My-Blog as yet. It is a very heart-warming, sometimes heart-wrenching stories of a single father raising a young son 'D', which he accomplishes by sharing music and lyrics, and poetry that he loves, and well placed conversations with close personal friends. Anyone, no matter if they are a parent (single parent) or otherwise, cannot leave this blog without being touched in some way. Touched by a person who truly shares the love he feels about life and child. I know that anything I type here will not do enough to express what is contained within My Life with D (The Houseband Chronicles), but it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so between the sentiment shared in Houseband00's profile picture,

and the great work he has done on his graffiti wall, expresse…

GraffitiMyBlog Wall #11

If you like blogging; reading good blogs; being treated to "Herbal scented soap inspired eye candy" (a few of which, I've selected as drawing projects for this site); and, if that's not enough, themed posts including Morgen Monday's (Morgan features a Blog for Bobby Griffin's Bestest Blog of All Time every Monday), Tuesday twelve, and Seven Silly Questions; then stopping by Morgen's It's a Blog Eat Blog World will definitely put that itchy-left-mouse-button-trigger-finger pointing at Blogger's Next Button on hold. The 'why' Morgen blogs is best expressed by Morgen himself in an answer to a meme;

"I just try to reward my readers with regular (hopefully readable) posts, and I toss 'em an Herbal Stud once a week to say thanks for the visit!"

So, stop by Morgen's Blog, It's a Blog eat Blog World, and give that 'trigger finger' a well deserved rest!

Enter, It's a Blog Eat Blog World

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Next Rebel …

GraffitiMyBlog Wall #10

This wall is from Robin whose blog is entitled R's Musings, where she temps the reader to "Take what's useful, and leave the rest." I'm pretty sure that you'd want to take it all. When Robin sent me her Graffiti, she admitted that she never used a paint program before, and hoped that she had done it right. Well, it looks very good to me, and if you do read todays posting "It's not me...I swear," one might think that she has caught the graffiti bug. Not sure if her denial of the incident is all that convincing (just joking Robin...Really!). When I first started blogging, I stumbled on many blogs just to see what's out there, and found many that are just rambles, many that are too 'adult' in nature (if you get my meaning), many that are just personal picture posts of their vacations, babies etc. etc. As I started the Graffiti-My-Blog idea for linking, (and maybe stir some interest in drawing), I really wanted to go to all the sites a…

GraffitiMyBlog Wall #9

This wall is from Lizza whose blog is entitled, I am Woman see me Blog. Lizza lives in the Philipines. Lizza writes about everything that her "not-so-sane mind comes up with". She classifies her occupation as a "blog lurker/stalker" and this is evident in her postings entitled Blogworld Saturday, where Lizza writes about the links she has enjoyed over the past week. I've done a bit of "bl-urking" lately, and I have to admit that I have been to many blogs where Lizza has posted comments where she has enjoyed the article. Lizza is well read, and very articulate (check out her book meme answers). She also has a great sense of humor. Her article on the F-word is just pure joy, and she doesn't use "*&%#" to buffer our sensiblilities (I'd like to borrow the neon sign for my office). So, please check out Lizza's I am Woman, See me Blog, and let her know you've seen her Graffiti Wall at Foxxfyrre's Graffiti-My-Blog.

Enter, I…

Small Change in Linking

I thought about this

Then I thought about it...

Then I thought about it some more...

Then it occurred to me that I'm doing the links wrong for this project!! The whole point of creating the Walls in the first place is for people to see them directly. For the links, I now have them pointing to the posts for the specific wall, so bloggers can see the wall, read the intro to your blog, and then enter right from the posting. I thought this seemed to make more sense for the type of interractive link exchanging that is happening.
Many thank's to those that have posted walls and commenting on the concept, but eventually those posts will go into archives on your blogs. I thought this would be a way to keep your art in the forefront. (let me know if I'm just having one of those 'brain-farts' again).

All the drawing on this post are drawn from exercises in
Burne Hogarth's, Dynamic Figure Drawing
All are 11x14 pecil on paper
Eventually, I'd like to create the l…

GraffitiMyBlog: Wall #8

This Graffiti-ed up wall is from Peanut. Her blog is Peanut, Peanut Butter...Jelly! From her profile, Peanut started blogging out of pure boredom, and describes herself as an "budding comic, and future lawyer." Peanut's "addiction" to blogging has led to not just one blog, but she manages four separate blogs. Her main blog, (I believe, due to painting the graffiti wall) seems to be that of a blog journal, but has become much more. Spanning every topic from book reviews, to fashion suggestions, to even critiquing other blogs, and link exchanging with them. Peanut, Peanut Butter...Jelly! is definitely worth the visit. Her interest in blogging has led to another concept link-exchange blog, The United State of Bloggers (inspired by Reehoilio's, A World of Bloggers), where she is link exchanging with a blog from every State of the United States of America. This impressive body of work is from a "bored High-Schooler," but any teenager that includes …

GraffitiMyBlog: Wall #7

Jessie's Blog entitled Who Are We, is a blog of self discovery which is achieved by asking her readers direct questions for each post. Some of which are purely humourous in nature, such as "What is your stripper name?" My stripper name is Spike Summerset--really. A good, unique, fun blog. Congrats on Bestest Blog Award too!

Have fun at Jessie's Blog Who Are We Click Wall for Larger view
(Dont forget to mention you've seen her wall at GraffitiMyBlog!)

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GraffitiMyBlog: Wall #6

This next wall is from Jordanna's Blog, Memoirs of a fat kid. A nicely organized blog which can be viewed by themed links on the sidebar, great way to read the poetry posts. I haven't been through all of the blog as yet, but will return before the weekend is out. By reading through a lot of the comments from blogger's, it also appears that Julie (from Flip this Body) and Jordanna have mutual goals and support each other to meet them (with a little well placed humour). Good luck, for both of you. We're all routing!!

Enter Jordanna's Memoirs of a Fat Kid
Click wall for larger view

Foxxfyrre's Favorites and Updates from Memoirs of a Fat Kid

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Update info: I had a Brain-Fart

I just wanted to mention a couple of things:

First, I started this blog with the intention of scanning all my sketchbooks to save them from damage. One of my first books was partially damaged because of my clumsiness--I spilled coffee on it. Also, putting my drawings out for everyone to see would encourage criticism and critiques of my art, which in turn would improve my drawing.

I've mentioned in previous posts, that drawing (and getting a late start with it) has changed many things in my life--All for the better! With this in mind, I set out this blog with the intention of collecting as many resources from the net that I could (and will keep collecting more) that would help anyone who wants to learn to draw.

With these two goals in mind, and some very fortunate 'blurfing', Graffiti-My-Blog was born. And it is my way of reaching the latter goal for this blog. But late last night, I realized that I forgot to mention one thing in the GraffitMyBlog Post. When I selected the…

GraffitiMyBlog: Wall #5

This next wall is from Julie's blog: Flip this Body. I first read Julie's blog by using the Random feature on Bobby Griffin's The Bestest Blog of All Time, and have stopped by quite frequently to check on her progress. She is now a regular contributer to Bestest blog as well, featuring blogs of her choice every Friday. Earlier, I approached Julie by email for some input and advice for my Graffit-My-Blog idea because she is quite blog-savvy, and she was very quick to respond, and even submitted her own wall. And pointed out some mistakes---Fixed em! (Mees huntt-n-peckk typpin getz me in trouuble sumtymes).

Julie's Flip this Body, is very entertaining, very informative, and is establishing quite the support group for people with like goals. Every time I stop by, her ticker tape at the very top of her blog has moved farther to the right, and I think through her determination, it wont be long till it's all the way to the right (and much sooner than the time frame Julie …

My Graffiti attemp at a wall

I just figured that if I want to get people to participate, I should really do so myself.

I've also created a small graffic of this to add to your blogs to link back to Graffiti-My-Blog:

The code for the graffic is

<---a href=""><---img src="" alt="GraffitiMyBlog" border="0"/>

Just copy and paste the above code, but remember to remove the two set of dashes "---" from the above code for the graffic to load properly.

Thanks for Playing

GraffitiMyBlog: Wall #2, 3, and 4

These next three graffiti walls were submitted by Gale Martin a.k.a Gem, Gemmolina, and Gemstone. In Gems profile, she quotes a writing teacher, "Words are stones, feel the weight of them," and then expresses the impact that writing, and reading works of others has made.
Gem is a very gifted writer, and blogger. I'm almost embarrased to say that I've stumbled onto many comments that Gem has left on others blogs while I was 'blurfing', but till now I haven't stopped at either of her blogs. That will change. Gem, thanks for the submissions. They are more than I could have asked for, and I'm glad you had fun with them.

Click here to enter Gem's L'espirit de L'escalier

Click here to enter Gem's Gem-vita, Good Reads for Life

Click on the above images for larger view

Don't forget to let her know you've seen her wonderful walls on Graffiti-My-Blog

Foxxfyrre's Favorites and Updates from Gem's Blog:

The Eyebrows have It: …