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Something of a mission statement I guess

An Early figure drawing.

I've mentioned in this blog that I've only been drawing for a short time, about nine years give or take, and I didn't start till I was pushing forty years old. And at that, I've had to put my drawing aside at times due to work demands or the like. But I really love to draw. I find it the most relaxing thing that I've ever done. I really don't have much for hobbies etc., but drawing really passes the time, and I forget all about everything around me. I've come home from work, pissed off at something, picked up my sketchpad and drew myself to sleep, literally. Drawing has a way of getting me to focus on the act, and everything else disappears. I've literally lost three or four hours of time just completely absorbed into the sketchbook.

Now that I'm pulling forty (in denial about that half a century thing, lol) , I can't help but wonder how my drawing skills would have developed if I had started to draw as a kid or student …

Some good web sites

I've been searching the web a lot lately looking for art sites that feature pencil drawings, especially looking for sites that have tutorials within their site. I found three sites that are very different from each other, but I liked what they featured.

The Celtic Knot site
There is a nice tutorial in making Celtic knot drawings, and there is a font program that can be purchased that you can type in the design in most art software. I liked it because these celtic knot drawings can accent or frame almost anything you want to draw.

Pencil at work
Artists: Sushrut Chelwat & Ujjwal Agarwal

This site featured some of the most detailed pencil drawings in their gallery that I think I've seen to date. (I've been to 100's of sites lately and the artwork here really stands out). You can also submit drawings to the site. There is also a small tutorial within the site.

Doug Compton's Karmatoons
This site featured classic cartooning and animation. There is a neat tutorial (all ha…