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It's Been a 2-4-1 Day!

Welcome World Bloggers! My Art Blog just received the Canadian spot on A World of Bloggers. Thanks Reeholio! And to top it off, my blog Foxxfyrre’s Honk’n’Holl’r received Bestest Blog of the Day! award. Thanks Bobby! With any award recipient, now comes the long winded thanks, but I’ll do mine with drawings. If a picture is worth 1000 words, 6 pictures are worth 6000. I think that should be long winded enough.
I never would have started drawing if I hadn’t met my friend Jason. King, He is a really talented artist. Most of his work is in the fantasy genre. Forgotten Realms and Dungeons and Dragons style of art done mostly in pen or graphite, or both. The first three drawings are Jason’s that he scanned for me few years ago. It’s quite fitting to add his pictures on this post, because he now lives a world away in Australia.
Second thanks goes to Dr. Betty Edwards, because of her book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, I don’t think my drawing would have ever progressed. I’ve included 3 picture (very early ones) that I drew as exercises from Betty’s Book that illustrate what I mean by my artwork progressing.
Ready, Boys
black ink and Graphite
scanned original size unkown
Artist: Jason King

Resting at the Portal
size unkown
Artist: Jason King

Ink and Graphite
Size unkown
Artist: Jason King

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