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It's been a 2-4-1 Day: part 2

(Darn posted the 2 parts in the wrong order, oops)
All these drawings are from exercises in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Dr Betty Edwards

Portrait Exercise:
Drawn upside down
Pencil on paper

Chair Exercise;
Negative space
Pencil on paper

Composite Skill excersize
Also Drawn upside down and using negative space
pencil on paper

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Uhm awesome! My drawing teacher gave me that exact work, to draw upside down and with the left hand, it revealed itself to be a pretty nasty work, but in the end I enjoyed it very much, I discovered that I am better drawing horses upside down that in the proper position hehe!

:) Your Blog is very nice!*
Dakota said…
i think they are awsome
al-jabr said…
betty edwards is a goddess! i'm gonna make you a wall art graf.
Anonymous said…
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